Thursday, June 16, 2005

With evangelists like these...

A London street evangelist, Philip Howard, who ended up in court for shouting at passers-by about their eternal destination was cleared today. Full story here.

As a born-again libertarian, I'm profoundly glad that Bro Philip was not imprisoned for this, as it would have been a major loss to free-speech (and Bro Philip's activities probably will be illegal in the future if the present UK government's bill on incitement to religious hatred gets through parliament).

However, I really wish the Lord could arrange to rapture Bro Philip early. With 'evangelists' like this, I think I might investigate whether there's more mileage in preaching Bad News.


At 6/17/2005 9:16 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Thanks Paul. I am advising evangelists to tone down their messages and will be doing so myself.

At 6/20/2005 2:55 AM, Blogger philjohnson said...

Hi Paul

Appreciate the note. I have a different angle to offer on the incitement to religious hatred bill.

If you can indulge me I started my own blog off in March 2005 with two related posts:

1). Incitement to Religious Hatred

2). European Human Rights & Evangelicals.

I realise that the bill has not proceeded through the House of Lords. So some of my comments may be "dated". I ralise that there may be difficulties with the legislation. However I also feel that - looking at the issue from the Antipodes - there may be too much anxiety in church circles that may cloud some issues too.

However, I wonder if some background is missing in the debate on the bill which ironically is theological in nature.

Anyway, here are the links to my blogs


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