Saturday, June 25, 2005

I've moved!

OK, I've tried this blogging thing for several weeks now and admit to being totally hooked. I haven't posted since Thursday, because all spare time has been given over updating the server which hosts Well, it's now up and running, and it's much faster than the old one.

Old Server: Pentium P75, Memory 16MB, Hard Disk 1GB, aged 12 years.

New Server: Pentium 4, Memory 512MB, Hard Disk 40GB (RAID2/Mirrored), aged 0 years.

Given the age of the hardware, it's a testimony to Linux and God that the whole thing ran for the past 5 years with only two downtime periods - in each case it involved other network hardware.

The net effect of all this is my blog has moved! I won't be blogging any longer at this address, but at . The reason for this is that I can run my own blogging software on that machine - and I've decided on WordPress. It's much more configurable than anything that Blogger can offer, it's free (so is Moveable Type, but only for single blogs), and it's under my control.

So, please update any link or blog-reader you may have for this blog, and if you haven't linked me, now's a good time. (BTW, I've copied all archives across from this blog to the new one.)


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