Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fatal ignorance

Sharon, my S.O., made a comment the other day while we were watching coverage of the bloody farce following the Newsweek article alleging that acts of disrespect had been carried out at Guantanamo Bay, with the deaths following the protests. She said, "that's what happens when you ban religious education from the curriculum." My friends from the US are amazed at the idea that religious education is compusory in UK schools. It's nothing like the kind of mind-control thing that the secularizers fear so much. It covers all world faiths. It aims to bring a wide appreciation of different faith perspectives. But, crucially, it helps people understand others who are *not like them*. Anyone who had done any basic religious education would have realised either:

a) why abusing the Koran would be such a stupid thing to do to radicalised Muslims

(if that really ever happened, or...)

b) why running a story in Newsweek that alleged such a thing would lead to bloodshed

Ignorance is surely the greatest enemy of all, irrespective of culture.


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